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Similar regulations affect all talent and modeling agencies operating within Florida. All talent and modeling agencies in the State of Florida must be licensed through the Department of Professional Regulation.

You are considered to be a "talent agent" according to the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation's definition if you, for compensation, engage in the occupation of procuring or attempting to procure engagements for an artist. This means you must have a talent agency business license to operate. By law, this definition applies regardless of your title (manager, casting director, casting agent, promoter, etc.). If you think you may need a license visit www.myflorida.com/dbpr. Under "DBPR Divisions", click on "Professions" and scroll down to "Talent Agencies". From here you can download the license application as well as access many other services offered by the DBPR.

Operating as a "talent agency" without a license is a 3rd degree felony in Florida. Hiring a "talent agency" without a license is also against the law and serves as grounds for the DBPR to take action against you. Violation of the law will be punished by either, denying an application for licensure as a talent agency, permanently revoking or suspending a license, imposing an administrative fine of up to $5,000 or requiring restitution. To check on the license status of a talent agency, visit www.myflorida.com/dbpr. Under "DBPR Features", click on "DBPR Online Services", under "Public Services" click on "Search for a licensee".

Be on the lookout! Talent agencies are required by law to display their fee schedule and talent agency license in a conspicuous location in their place of business.

Talent Agencies are required by law to give each artist a copy of their contract listing the services to be provided and the fees to be charged. This should also list the contact information of the DBPR.

By law, Talent agencies are NOT allowed to charge a registration fee! No talent agency shall, as a condition to obtaining employment for any artist, require the artist to subscribe to, purchase, or attend any publication, postcard service, advertisement, resume service, photography service, school, acting school, workshop, acting workshop, or video or audiotapes!

By law, all advertisements, letterheads, receipts and other publications should list the talent agency name and address, license number and the words "talent agency".

If you are aware of any wrongdoing as described above, contact your local DBPR Bureau of Investigation. You will be granted anonymimity on request. You may also file a complaint online. Visit www.myflorida.com/dbpr under "DBPR Features" click on "File an unlicensed activity complaint". Attached please find contact information for the regional Investigator Supervisor in your area.

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For more information about the regulation of Talent & Modeling Agencies, please contact:

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